i’m not local. can i still purchase a car?

Yes! TJ will work with you to make arrangements either for pick up or delivery. We’ve sold cars to people from all over the country.

Do you accept trades?

Yes, we are open to trades depending upon the car.

Are prices negotiable?

Depending upon the car, some prices are negotiable. Make us your best offer.

Is your entire collection listed on the website?

We’re always wheeling and dealing so some cars may not be listed on the website. If you’re interested in something specific, feel free to reach out to us and we can tell you if we have what you’re looking for.

Can I come see your car collection in person?

We can make arrangements for you to come on out to the shop and see the collection in person if you’d like.

Can I rent a car for an event?

Yes! If you are interested in using a car for an event such as a wedding or photoshoot, arrangements can be made. Contact TJ for more information.

Who should i contact about a car i’m interested in?

You can reach TJ by phone or email at 605-360-7800 or tjsoil@alliancecom.net.